Your Photographers Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been photographing?
    I began professional photography in 2013.
  • Do you only do wedding photography?
    No. Weddings are a big part of my workload. However, I only accept 24 per year. I also specialize in Beach Portraits on LBI and other shore towns, Professional Headshots, Landscape, and Professional Family Photography.
  • What brand of camera do you use?
    Truthfully, this question is asked by many, but it is not the brand of the camera which matters, it is the model, lenses, and most importantly the person behind it all. I know some amazing photographers that all shoot Canon, and a few that shoot Sony, then of course you have those who shoot Leica. I myself am a Nikon girl. Since day one its always been a Nikon. It’s not because I think is one is better than the other (ok, I do) but that’s not what matters. For me, I like the way the colors are with Nikon, I love the feel of it in my hands, and honestly, for me, it feels smoother while shooting. My two workhorses are a Nikon D-5 and D-4.
  • Do you have a backup camera?
    YES!!! See the last answer.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes! That is one of the most significant questions to ask your photographer. Some venues require it, and some don’t. There have been stories of a booking a photographer only to find out they did not have insurance and the venue would not allow them entrance to the event. Your photographer will send proof of insurance directly to your venue.
  • Do I really need a photographer for my wedding?
    OF COURSE! Listen, a month, a year, even ten years after your wedding, you won’t remember the food you ate or the specialty drinks that were offered. You won’t be wearing your wedding gown, and you won’t have the bouquet and centerpieces. What you will have, what you SHOULD have, are images that will take you back to that special day. Pictures you can share with your loved ones.
  • Do you have a portfolio?
    Sure do! Click the links below.
    Wedding Photography
    Engagement Photography
    Professional Portraits
  • I can get a DJ, Photographer, and Videographer from one company. Why do I need you?
    This is a typical question, and the choice is entirely up to you. You must do your research and see if it fits your needs. The difference is that I specialize in photography and utilize only the best professional equipment. When I make a special dinner to share with friends and family, I only go to the butcher for my filet mignon, not a generic club store that has everything. Sure it’ll be GOOD but not AMAZING. Just remember you get what you pay for at the end of the day.
  • Is this your full time job?
    It is my only job, but some weeks I don’t put in 40 hours, while other weeks I put in far more. I do not have another job or career which takes away from my photography.
  • Do you show up to my wedding?
    ABSOLUTELY. I hate that this question must be asked; however, that kind of thing happens. When you book Sheena Lynn Photography, Sheena Lynn is your primary photographer.
  • What is an unplugged wedding, and should I do this?
    An unplugged wedding is when the couple decides they want to rely solely on the photographer(s) and videographer(s) to capture their wedding. This option is excellent during the ceremony as it eliminates guests from divulging into their phones to try and get that shot and being the first to upload to social media, rather than being there in the moment to support the couple. It also keeps guests from potentially ruining the shot that the professionals need to get, and are hired to capture. I recommend going unplugged through the ceremony, and first dance, then allowing the guests to utilize their phones and camera once the first dance is complete.
  • How many shooters do I really need to cover my wedding?
    It all depends on the size of the wedding. Smaller, intimate weddings can easily be captured by one photographer and an assistant. Most weddings do need the help of two photographers, especially during the prep, when the couple may be getting ready in two separate locations. It’s also valuable to have two different points of view and doubles the number of images taken. Three photographers are really just a bonus.
  • What is the optimal hours of coverage one should have for their wedding day?
    Typically a wedding runs between 9-12 hours for a full day coverage. Most weddings are landing in the 10-hour time frame.
  • What is a first look and do you recommend this?
    A first look is when the couple meets before the ceremony, after getting ready. The couple does this usually in an intimate setting, to see each other privately for the first time, before the ceremony. Though I am all for the traditional, “walk down the aisle” reveal, the first look does have its benefits. It allows for more time to take photos before the ceremony since you both have seen one another already. This may offer the time needed to head to another location, or complete all the formal bridal party photos with the group as a whole.
  • Do you edit every image from my wedding day?
    Every image? No. Not all images make it to the final cut. The ones that do are all edited one by one. I never batch edit, nor do I slap on a pretty preset and call it a day. I edit anywhere between 400-2000 images for each wedding, including the images my second shooter has taken. I feel each image is in a different light, with a different tone, and a different exposure, and I prefer to go in and edit each one individually.
  • Do you Travel and is there an additional cost?
    Sure we travel. There is a $0.54.5 per mile charge for each mile beyond 60 miles of Manahawkin, NJ. If a nightly hotel room stay is necessary, you will be charged accordingly.
  • Do I need engagement photos?
    No, but it is a great thing to have. These can be used to send out save the date cards, or for a signing board if you plan for a bridal shower or engagement party. They can be put together to make a personalized website with all things wedding related, or for a scrapbook. Further, it allows you to meet your photographer and adjust to the camera setting so on your wedding day neither of you are bothered by the camera and act normal. Most of all, they make for great memories, and if the package includes it, then why not?
  • What exactly is a honeymoon session?
    This idea came to me after seeing countless brides doing a “trash the dress.” I couldn’t believe anyone could do that (yes, I get attached to things!). So I had a crazy idea of making a session for the couple to get back into their wedding attire and photograph some intimate photos all over again at the location of their choice, with no worry about time. Typically it would be done within the first year of marriage. This is an excellent option for couples who married in the summer but would love some images in the snow or with fall foliage. Maybe the wedding didn’t allow adequate time for traveling to a particular location; this will enable you to recreate those formal shots.
  • How long until I receive all my images, and how exactly are they delivered?
    Typically images take anywhere from 8-12 weeks for delivery. It varies depending on the number of hours covered. Engagement, boudoir, and honeymoon sessions take about 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • My friend got their wedding photographs in 3 weeks, why so long for you?
    I own and run my own business and only take 24 weddings per year. I cull and edit each photo personally from your wedding day. Other photographers have editing staff or outsource there work to third-party companies to edit their work. Nothing wrong with that, however, I feel this takes the personal feelings out of it as I was at the event and know exactly how it looked.
  • Do I have the rights to print the images you take?
    Yes! I own the copyright, BUT these are your images so that you can print, copy, and share the images with family and friends.

If you have any questions that were not answered on here please click here to contact me.