2019 The Year Of CHANGE

I am over a month late on this one, but please, understand its been quite a daunting work in progress. 2018 was another great year, but it felt similar to all the years prior. I wanted change. I NEEDED change. There was such a strong desire to overhaul my business entirely. Truth be told, while I truly am an incredible photographer, I am not the greatest when it comes to the business aspect. That’s where my husband comes in, and saves my ass EVERY TIME. He runs the back part of my business, the parts that my clients and fans can’t see. While he did (and still does) a phenomenal job handling finances, taxes, invoices and so on, I knew I needed to start putting consistent effort into things like social media, my web site, and marketing.  If you have followed me for long enough, you know that all of those things were updated sporadically, sometimes with months passing before anything new was posted. I can not tell you how many weddings, events and portrait sessions have never been posted to the public. 2019 is going to be different. With all that, I knew I also needed to give clients what they wanted — an experience. Having great portraits is fantastic, but at the end of the day, clients want to feel that “experience” of working with someone. In the years past I have indeed gone above and beyond for my clients, but this year, I want to do even more, and in different ways than the past. It was time to raise the bar and offer my clients a better experience than ever before.
Since late November we (my husband and I, and those I’ve hired to help run my website, marketing, and social media) have been working long hours to put everything together. This includes an entirely new site built from scratch, new premier wedding collections, an option for a digital package, new prices, and a la carte options. I will now be working with local artists to provide the paper products like save the dates and thank you cards that can be purchased either in a collection or separate.  A new invoicing system has been implemented with the free client portal for clients to keep track of everything, as well as in-person meetings both before the wedding, and after. These meetings are offered to better help with initial wedding concerns and ideas, followed by a meeting after the wedding to cover the album design, and purchasing wall art for your home.  All inquiries will receive a pdf magazine offering a bit more insight about SLP and the new SLP experience. Upon booking a wedding, new SLP couples will receive another pdf magazine, this time containing essential tips for the wedding day, and information that is vital for making your day both memorable and relaxing. Those inquiring about family sessions will be offered a pdf guide to your session upon booking. Boudoir clients will also have access to a private gallery offering inspiration and ideas. We have also created a new, kick-ass referral system that is provided to all clients, past, and present. Every part of my business has been overhauled from the ground up, providing better services, client benefits,  frequent personal interactions and meetings, more options for each client, and a better showing of my work via social media and website.  Instagram will be completely revamped to offer a set of 3 images per event, allowing one full row to showcase a specific wedding, portrait session, job or function. This will include both recent and past work, some of which never seen before. Facebook will go on to have a few weekly postings, and a bi-weekly blog will be created for my website with tips regarding weddings, engagements, and lifestyle portraits. I will also be creating new blogs on past, and current events to show off the beautiful weddings and breathtaking venues, as well as the other vendors involved in the day, such as bakery, florist, hair and makeup, and so on. Lastly, once a month we will pick one SLP couple to do a 3 day instagram takeover. This will give you all the opportunity to interact with real clients, with the ability to ask them questions and hear what they have to say. I am probably more excited about that, than anything else.
Today, we are on the very last leg of our diligent efforts to make Sheena Lynn Photography everything it was, and even more. Much more. I thank you for your patience in all of this, and I can not wait for you to experience the new SHEENA LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY.
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