New Jersey is where I was born and raised. I met my now husband when I was 15, working in Mcdonald's. Yes, our crazy love story started out with me at a register and him flipping burgers. He ended up proposing to me before I even graduated high school, and we were married just eight months after I graduated. That was 17 years ago. (see kids, don't let anyone tell you it won't work, you're too young, or any guy flipping burgers isn't the one for you) Here we are, almost two decades later with three funny, quick-witted, lovable children, two dogs, and each other. While most of our lives we both resided in NJ, we did spend a few years down in Virginia, from 2002-2004

I don't have some cliche story about how photography is in my blood, or my passion since birth. That's not at all how my story goes, in fact I never knew I wanted to be a photographer, much less a wedding photographer. It wasnt until I had my children that I became addicted to taking portraits and buying top notch cameras. Then I found myself taking photos of subjects that were not my children, like places and inanimate objects. Suddenly it was then that I knew I wanted to persue photography. After taking some classes, online courses and workshops, I hired a mentor to work one on on with, and it was then that I felt ready to open my own business.

So I did. and that brings us to here and now.

As for my free time, honestly, I nap. I LOVE sleeping the way most adult women love their wine (let this be a hint, I dislike wine.) With a career in wedding photography and three kids, my nights are late (I'm writing this at 12:30 am) and my days are non stop- so yes, napping any chance I get is something I do. If not napping, photographing, or doing Mom/Wife stuff, I really enjoy art. Clay sculpting and acrylic painting are my two favorite ways to create other than photography. Actually, you can give me anything from any craft store and I will stay busy for hours, days even.

Something I always make time for is traveling. As a family, we make sure to take 3 or 4 vacations a year, with smaller weekend get-a-ways throughout the year. Having my kids grow up and experience fun things in life, while also seeing new places and learning new things is so important to my husband and me. Plus, it is needed. We both have very demanding careers, and the kids have nine months worth of school and year round sports, so taking time out to walk away from all our daily chores, and letting ourselves be free and enjoy one another with no outside stress is so important.

A few small random bits of information for those that want to know more: I love loose leaf tea, soda (I know, SUPER unhealthy), mexican food and wings. I do not drink coffee or wine, but can shoot tequlia with the best of them. The smell of a baby's head is my favorite smell in the world. Snow makes my soul happy and bitterly cold weather is my absolute favorite. I keep a fairly small circle of friends, and im truly one of the most honest, yet sarcastically funny people you will ever meet. . Oh and I hate politics.



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