We know of so many photographers, what sets you apart from the rest?

I LOVE this question. There are many features which I know set me apart from others, and I cover this during our consultation in full detail, but I would be happy to provide a short summary.
When was the last time you saw a photographer sew in a bustle on a dress that tore? Or bobby pin the bride's hair and veil because it fell out prior to the ceremony? Imagine the limo being so hot, the groom thought he would pass out, so the photographer offered to take the couple to the ceremony with the air conditioning on full blast. Maybe even remove a small stain from a gown, or help the bridesmaids' button the bride's gown when their fingers were too tired to continue.   Have you ever seen a photographer pull food out of their own lunch bag for the bride to eat because shes suddenly hungry while we are at a park doing portraits? Maybe the Maitre D is nowhere in sight during cake cutting and the couple has no idea what to do while standing at the cake in front of all the guests- then suddenly a photographer runs in, grabs their hands together, places the cake cutters into their hands, whispers in their ear, and runs off. These situations have all occurred during weddings I've shot, and I came through in each situation like some McGuyver wannabe. Some photographers would just leave this on the bridal party or move along thinking its not their job, but no matter what the day throws at us, you have me there to fix it. Honestly, I love coming to the rescue for my couples, and no, it does not get in the way of the job I was hired to do. 

Will we receive a print release with our photos?

Each wedding collection provides an online gallery of your images as well as a print release.

How long will I have to wait to receive my images?

You will have a sample gallery sent to you within 10 days of the wedding. The full gallery can take up to 14 weeks, with a usual turn around time of 8-10.

Will my wedding be featured in a magazine?

While I have had work published, I do not push for publications or awards. If you are interested in having your wedding published, I will give you the proper forms to fill out which would require the release of images and information of all the vendors involved in the wedding. Then I would go ahead and submit the wedding in hopes that they will accept and publish your special day.

How many photographers will be capturing my wedding?

While an hourly based purchase would only have me as the photographer, there is an option to add on a second shooter or to upgrade to a collection which would include a second shooter and assistant. The second shooter would be with the groom from prep until the ceremony or first look, and then would shoot opposite me for the evening ensuring different angles are being captured. The assistant would be helping with my gear, lighting, fixing the brides gown, and overlooking everything.

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

I limit the number of weddings to 24 per year. This gives me the opportunity to tend to each couple and offer them the attention they need to take phone calls, arrange meetings, and respond to emails in a timely manner. It is more important to me to build a relationship with my clients, than to just keep booking as many couples as possible.

I have heard a lot about "styled shoots," what is this, and do you do that?

A styled shoot is a collaboration of vendors (photographer, florist, invitations, hair, and makeup) that work together with a model couple to design a perfect and beautiful mock wedding. It is to showcase talent as well as the vendors' items without the hustle and chaos of a wedding day to interfere. I do not do styled shoots as my main focus is to work with real couples and real weddings.

What if the weather is terrible on my wedding day?

So many couples worry about this but trust me when I say you are in good hands. I am equipt with everything needed to shoot indoors if we need to do so, and more than qualified. I always bring my light stands, several flashes, and umbrellas to create a soft light in any indoor location. If there is light rain, we will take you out AFTER all formalities are done to capture a rain shot. If heavy downpours occur and we are limited to indoor shooting only, I always offer the option to do a free of charge bridal session after the wedding with the bride and groom.

Is it an issue if you never worked at our venue before?

Not at all. As a professional, it is my job to take any location, whether I've shot there before or not, and give you unique and stunning portraits. I feel very confident in my skills to show up anywhere and not worry about creativity. If you feel more comfortable doing a walk through prior to the wedding to tell me some ideas you have, or hear some of mine, that is something I do offer. Each year, I book several clients that have decided on venues I've never worked at before, and never had any issues. 

Just curious to know, what equipment do you bring to our wedding?

My main camera is a Nikon d5. I also have a Nikon d4 and another Nikon as a backup camera. With six flashes, three light stands, two umbrellas, a monopod, tripod, reflector, several prime lenses, batteries and more backup batteries, 12 CF cards and other misc gear that I use for creative purposes, I can promise I have everything needed to make sure your day is covered. While each wedding varies, I tend to use the D5, with my 70-200 and 35mm most often.

What is your payment plan?

I do require 40% down as a retainer to reserve your date. There are two more payments due, 40% four months prior to the wedding, and the remaining balance due then a week before your wedding date.

As a client, are we supposed to tip you for your services?

Honestly, I do not know the correct etiquette to answer this with a factual answer, but I can say just like with any service if you are more than happy with everything I've done, and you feel I have gone above and beyond for you on your wedding day, tips are always welcomed and appreciated.

How do we reserve our wedding day?

It's important to me that we meet in person or connect via video chat before any decisions are finalized. If you are interested in moving forward, you can click here to reach my contact form.



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