Sheena Lynn photography is a blend of a vibrant and modern style while staying true to keeping portraits timeless. This means in 10, 20 even 30 years you can look back on breathtaking photographs without cringing because they had some "fad" edit, preset or filter added. Each wedding is unique, with means each of my weddings may look different. If you're looking for a photographer that is going to use the same editing on every wedding, producing identical images, I am not for you. I shoot in a way that shows the day as it is while keeping colors vibrant, the whites pure, the blacks bold and maintaining perfect clarity.



You want a professional to photograph your wedding, but you dont want the stuffy, uncomfortable relationship that might come with hiring one. Wouldn't it be nice to have a professional, that feels more like a life long friend? Think this is too good to be true? Enter Sheena.

I promise to make sure your wedding day is relaxing and enjoyable, but also ensuring the best in my professional services. While you are hiring me to photograph your wedding day, I tend to help long before the wedding. Chances are this is your first wedding, and you may not know how the day flows or the time needed for certain things. Planning the day and making the timeline to fit the hours you have is something I do with no additional cost. As we get closer to the wedding, we will meet to go over the details and information of the day. In doing all this we make sure to keep a very laid back relationship. You can come to me at any time during the entire wedding planning process, with any issues or concerns about your wedding, even if it isnt photography related.

Experience the difference.



Before contracts are signed or retainers are paid, our relationship will begin. It is imperative to me to meet with each potential client before booking so that we both know we are an excellent fit for one another. While it may be impossible for couples that live in other states to meet in person, luckily in 2019 we have any means of video chats which we can use as an alternative. This allows us both to get to know one another. We will be spending a lot of time in contact with each other, and the entire wedding day I will be with you both. It is so important to make sure we have personalities that match, so we know there won't be any unforeseen hurdles along the way. When we meet, I will go over all the information I feel a client needs to know, but I welcome (and encourage) all questions. Nothing is off limits as I prefer my clients to be very educated on every aspect of my business, the experience and what to expect. I do not bring contracts with me, as I am one of those "impulse buyers" that jumps in, then second guesses my choice. Knowing that about myself, I feel its so important to give couples the chance to go home, talk about it, and even inquire with others. I feel very confident in my work, and my business, so I don't need a sales pitch and obligation to win a client. I hold the day tentatively for 7 days. This means if another client wants to book your day, I verify with you to see where you are with your decision. After those 7 days, the date is available to other couples.

When you decide to book, we will go over the contract and retainer as well as payments. If a payment plan is needed, I am flexible and can accommodate to specific plans. Once the retainer is paid, the date is officially booked, and no other jobs can be booked for that date.



The most important part of a wedding day for me is moments. Yes, we do posed formal portraits that resemble that of fine art portraiture, but what we truly strive for is the authentic, candid moments from our couples, their families and friends. Emotions and moments are worth capturing. We balance the posed portraits and the candid moments to provide you with a gallery that includes everything, not just limiting to the photojournalistic or fine art style.

During your prep, I will come in, without disrupting the events in progress. I will immediately begin shooting and help you with the "getting ready" process. Once I walk through that door, you need not worry about anything; I stay in contact with everyone about every part of the day making sure to handle everything from that moment all the way through until I leave. This is your day to enjoy, leave your worries for me.

As the day progresses, my team of highly qualified photographers and I make sure to offer all we can in the time allotted and use our time wisely, never wasting a moment. This ensures our couples get all the photographs they requested, with all the people mentioned on their list. Before leaving any event, I make sure to take the time to ask the couple if there are any further photographs needed, and also to confirm no one was forgotten.

Many couples experience a range of emotions on their wedding day. We are there to help you through your day, and regain focus to all the wonderful things that are happening. In the event things run behind, or the unforeseen occurs, we do our best to handle whatever the situation is so you don't have to. With over 25 weddings a year there isn't much we haven't seen, and nothing we couldn't handle.



After the wedding, you will hear from me about 2 weeks later via email. This will be to go over the details of what your purchase included as well as the timeframe of delivery for your images. At this time I will include a small sample gallery of about 30 images that recap your wedding day. These are fully edited, and you can use them for thank you cards, or to hold on to until the full gallery is complete. We can meet again for a full reveal of your gallery, or to design products including albums and canvas art. Once all images are delivered you have 6 months to order your album, and a full year to access the digital images on the online client gallery and make any purchases.



Me. Yes, I'm a bonus. You may wonder why, and it is not because I'm some egotistical human. This actually means if you book with Sheena Lynn Photography you have me showing up to your wedding. I do not have associate shooters that take over or show up in place of me. I am the lead shooter to all weddings and events, and then I have my team of shooters that either assist or second shoot WITH me. You are paying for my services, and from beginning to end that is precisely what you will get. This also means all images, even those taken by a second shooter are carefully hand edited, one by one, by me.

Imagine it rains on your wedding. I'm talking torrential downpours, high winds, and flooding. Maybe you had hopes of this perfect sunset shot on the beach or a nighttime shot with the NYC skyline. Well, we can't control the weather. Neither can you. Its only fair to offer you the option to do a bridal shoot in the location you originally desired, if the weather ruined what we had initially planned. This is free of charge to any of my wedding clients. And if the rain is just minimal, well chances are we will go outside for a rain shot that will blow the socks off everyone.

Your wedding day is the day you should feel nothing short of stunning. I promise to make sure you feel as amazing as you look, and bring out that confidence in front of the camera. No one should ever look at their wedding photographs and feel upset, and that is why my team and I know how to make our clients genuinely laugh, smile and work the camera like a supermodel. You will not be disappointed.


In Your Memories

Your wedding may just be the most important day of your life. The day is spent surrounded by some of the most important people you know to help you celebrate the love between you and your fiance.

For most couples, picking the venue, the perfect gown, and of course, those breathtaking florals which perfectly match that five-tier wedding cake may seem like the most important choices when it comes to wedding planning. Very few couples realize after the wedding is over, the guests will forget the food they ate or the special named drinks they had. They will not recall the color of the Egyptian cotton linens or the songs that renowned DJ played. The beautiful florals will all have died, and that one of a kind boutique gown will be preserved in a box in the attic. At this time, the only thing left to remember this day will be the photographs. The photograph of your fiances' reaction when first seeing you. Or the tears your parents or grandparents shed as you say your vows. The hilarious moment your groomsman split his pants dancing or your very reserved aunt finally gets out on that dance floor. With a good photographer, you may have the obvious moments, but with a GREAT photographer, you will be able to look back on all the moments you never expected to be captured.



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